Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

Multiple lentigines syndrome

Description of Multiple lentigines syndrome

Multiple lentigines syndrome is a disorder that derivatives can be identified with an increased number of lentigines (like spots). Affected persons have lentigines as the most obvious sign. This is largely located on the back and neck. Affected people also have wide-set eyes (hypertelorism), prominent ears, nerve deafness (partial), and cafe-au-lait spots (light brown birthmarks).

Symptoms of Multiple lentigines syndrome

Symptoms can diketauhi of family history who developed lentigines, freckles on the neck, wide eyes (hypertelorism), abnormal sternum or breast bone, slow growth and delayed puberty.

Treatment of Multiple lentigines syndrome

Treatment is directed at symptoms. The level of hearing loss should be prioritized and provided a hearing aid. Other treatments may be related to puberty to normal towards the changes that occur.

Source: medlineplus and UMM

Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Watch Movies Free Porn at Library

Children Watch Movies Free Porn at Library

Adults sometimes do surreptitiously so as not to get caught watching pornographic movies on his computer. But in a library, all people are free to access porn movies, including small children are not old enough.

A number of computer workstations in the library of the Grand Army Plaza, New York City is actually only intended for adults and adolescents aged 13 years and over. But because the office did not separate, anyone can see the wearer's activity.

Unfortunately, the rules in the library does allow anyone who uses a computer to access pornographic content. As a result, visitors of the children who actually are not allowed to access, get a peek at whether intentional or not.

'Very often I see people accessing pornography at the library. Today, the man next to me flipped through pictures of naked women, "said Julio Sosa, new visitors aged 14 years as quoted by the NY Post on Monday (30 / 5 / 2011).

Even so, the library has denied any misuse of Internet access that can affect the mental and psychiatric children. Although acquitted, the manager claimed no more than 0.5 percent of visitors who access pornographic material.

Angela Montefinise, a library spokeswoman said that officers will also be warned if there are children who peek or even use your own computer to access pornography. But for those who are old enough, there are no restrictions as long as not to disturb others.

Although the United States is known as a liberal state, but the library policy which is still controversy. Among politicians and even threatened to cut off funding if the access to pornography is not controlled.

Meanwhile, as previously written detikHealth, pornography can give bad impact to the psychological development of children not old enough. Children who usually get the planting of politeness norms will be confused when watching porn.

More than that, it is feared that children should play a lot more often so curious and thinking about sex and the like. The worst effects of the fear is if the child tries to experiment, imitate porn scene with her friends.

Billie Joe Armstrong produced her Son Punk Band

Billie Joe Armstrong produced her Son Punk Band

Success catapulted name is now the frontman of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong others try their luck with new band. He produced the punk band who guarded his own son.

Billie's son, Joey Armstrong who is now aged 16 years became a drummer in the band Emily's Army. Billie also appreciate the work of Joey and his friends by becoming a producer of their band.

Emily's Army titled debut 'Do not Be a Dick' will be released next June 14 through the label Adeline Records. The album was cultivated during 4 days in a recording studio in Oakland Jingletown.

"The album has had plenty of punk spirit of young people. They were very rude," said Billie reported on Monday (5/30/2011).

The song 'Broadcast This' single will be their flagship. Besides Joey, Emily's Army consisted of Max (bass), Cole Becker (vocals, guitar) and Travis Neumann (guitar).

Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Tom Jones in Concert

Dazzle your senses with Tom Jones in concert – 6th November, 2009 in Paris

An era has passed over us, where singing was an experience that goes above par with the likes of incomparably transcends into a song. But the memory of that time ago, by people like musicians who remember and recall the times when music brought tears could bring you joy. Tom Jones is one of the artist. With performances on stage that the crowd moving with his crooning, the Welsh musician provoked audiences for nearly four decades and is still going strong. Tom Jones really delivers song after song of pure entertainment that anyone would be intimidated. Bringing the style, which used to represent Elvis, always the star in action. And what better way to do that while in Paris. Make your way to the Palais des Congres in Paris and the man himself, if he pulls the audience with his presence and size charm of his voice. The concert, on the sixth day of November is expected in 2009, plans to subscribe for the massive hordes of fans who have followed this quintessence stars over the years place. Book your tickets now at the Palais des Congres in Paris and make it a memorable evening. Do not forget your camera as you capture the experience. This possibility does not always knock twice, and you better hurry before all the cards run out. Tickets are available at the box office and can shop online through various gateways. Even if you decide to come to Paris to see the sights and sounds, and the joy, the elite of Tom Jones in concert, what better place to participate as a luxury hotel in Paris and at Le Royal Monceau domicile, Paris, France. coupling elegance and style of this famous Parisian luxury hotel offers guests relaxation with a touch of luxurious comfort, so they will fully experience the spirit of Paris.