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Glasgow Airport Car Hire

Car Hire Glasgow Airport, Scotland and its Attractions
By Rekha

The Glasgow has a very vast history that can be seen in the painting that is named as "Shipping on the Clyde" and Grimshaw painted it in 1881. Some of the popular places include the Glasgow Cathedral that dates back to 17th century and it is marked as the Cathedral of Scotland. It is a very popular tourist attraction. Most of the people visiting the Glasgow International Airport prefer car hire Glasgow and can visit the cathedral and many other historical places in Glasgow.
The Glasgow city has several tourist attractions such as the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park that was opened in 2002 and it covers a wide area. The park offers astonishing sights of natural beauty such as the mountain ranges and a wide variety of trees and natural habitats. Most of the tourists prefer car hire Glasgowso that they can easily drive through many places.

Other most visited places include the Royal Exchange Square. It is a public places that is situated on the Queen Street. The square also features a statue of Duke of Wellington. He was an Irish soldier and a statement and He was very prominent in the 19th century. It is good ideas to car hire Glasgow to spend a good time in the city and visit different places by driving through the streets.

Popular structures such as the Clyde Arc, it actually signifies the Glasgow city. It is a bridge that is situated on the Rive Clyde and it is a marvel of engineering and modern art. Places such as the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum are among the most visited tourist attractions. It serves as a museum and art gallery and people all around the world comes here, which makes it one of the most visited museums after London.

For being such a popular tourist destination, the city requires an airport that can serves so many people. Airport such as the Glasgow International Airport is the perfect example; it can accommodate a large number of tourists arriving here. The airport is very near to the city and it can easily be reached by car hire Glasgow airport.Tourist arriving the Glasgow city can easily hire from many cars for traveling to different places. And they can return the car back to the airport. Car hire Glasgow airport is very popular among people visiting the city. The airport can easily accommodate all large airplanes such as the Boeing 767 and 777 and it serves about 7 million people each year.

Scotland also has other cities that are also very popular such as the Prestwick city, which is famous for its luxurious golf courts and resorts. Tourist usually arrives in Prestwick city through its international airport, which is the Glasgow Prestwick Airport. It is not only famous for its top services but it is also well known for the arrivals of top celebrities. The airport offer tourists with car hire Prestwick airportservicesthat are much cheaper than hiring a cab and the staff of the airport serves with great hospitality with great service. Car hire Prestwick airportservices are not only easy to obtain but it is much more fun to drive through the streets of the city.

Glasgow Airport Car Hire
By Gen Wright

The Glasgow International Airport, formerly known as Abottsinch airport, is located approximately 8 miles west of the Glasgow city center which is itself near the town of Paisley. This is in Scotland. With an overall passenger traffic volume topping 8 million in 2007, the Glasgow International airport is the second busiest in Scotland and the eighth busiest in the entire United Kingdom. By 2004, the airport was handling approximately one million passengers a month and with recent planned projections, the total yearly number of passengers coming through this airport will top 13 million.

With this kind of business traffic, the Glasgow International Airport has become home to several major car hire firms. Many of the local and international travelers coming to Scotland are there on business and require reliable and convenient transportation to get back and forth. Car rental companies such as Alamo, Avis, 1and1, Budget have all made a presence at the Glasgow International Airport.

Glasgow airport car hire is simple and convenient. One can easily make reservations before they arrive and a car will be waiting for them. This is especially convenient for businessmen who are particular about time and want to shuttle in and out with minimal delays. With today?s packaged deals, Glasgow car hire is especially fast. One can reserve their flight, hotel and car reservations all on the same package. Websites such as Expedia and Travelocity make this easily possible and a passenger or client can pay one flat rate and get all three at the same time. On arrival at the Glasgow airport, the traveler?s car is ready and waiting.

There are also options to pay for a car rental on arrival. This can easily be done using either of the world?s recognized forms of payments namely by Visa Mastercard, Diners club and in many cases a traveler?s local ATM/debit card (many debit cards can now be configured to be used outside a traveler?s country of dwelling). The car rental firms present at Glasgow airport do not take cash unless with prior arrangement with the rental manager.

Glasgow airport car hire offers a flexible array of cars for the traveler to choose. Whether it is a four-door or two-door sedans to town cars, to mini vans and trucks, travelers can easily find the car that suits their needs. For instance, group travelers require a minivan to be able to ferry them and their luggage from place to place.

The cost of renting a car at the Glasgow international airport varies. A traveler can rent a mid-sized car for anywhere between $100 pounds to $200 a week depending on the specials that are running at the time. Some firms will require a deposit upfront and this could vary depending on the type of car and form of payment used. It is generally more expensive to rent a car on demand (immediately after arrival at Glasgow international airport) than to book a reservation in advance through a booking agency such as Expedia or Travelocity.

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